Climb Your Mountain.  Meet Your Potential.

Building better companies and developing happier employees.

The Foundation – Building Business Basics for a Strong Core:

  • Define Mission, Vision and Values
  • Strategically Build Business and People Strategies Together
  • Use Mission, Vision and Values to Define Culture
  • Create companies that are
    • Aligned from top to bottom and bottom to top
    • Driven by employees who are passionate about the part they play
    • Successful through efficiency and total employee buy-in

The People – Aligning Talent to Further the Mission and Efficiency of the Company:

  • Make sure each employee understands their role and how it fits with the mission
    • Define the skill sets and how the role is necessary for success
    • Evaluate employee fit and engagement
  • Evaluate Leadership and Development gaps and opportunities
    • Ensure employees are being given opportunities to gain the skills necessary for their roles
    • Ensure employees are being given opportunities to grow and expand their skill sets
  • Create employee evaluations to reflect the mission, vision and values of the company and that are specific to the role
    • Determine how each person/role fits into meeting the goals and fulfilling the mission of the company
    • Drive the values through to every level and allow the values to drive every level towards the mission


  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency and work ethic
  • Mission driven success through total alignment and engagement

Let’s work together to make your employees happier and more loyal, and make your company more efficient and more successful!