Services for Individuals

Coaching – Contact to inquire and to receive a free 30-minute introductory fit session.

Through the lens of Emotional Intelligence, I partner with you to reconnect with your inner voice, harness your unique strengths and authentic power, and begin creating the life you want to live, both professionally and personally. Using emotions allows for a deep dive into understanding belief systems and old stories that may be standing in your way and keeping you from moving forward. I think of coaching much like going to the eye doctor – as a coach, I will help you gain clarity as together, we test lenses for seeing the world and find the ones that get you unstuck and more able to see your path forward.

Consulting – Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Start-up Services

With a background in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and People Development, I am eager to help you get started on the right foot and build a foundation for growth and longevity.