Climb Your Mountain.  Expand Your Potential.

  • Building better, more genuine and transparent companies and developing happier employees.
  • Helping individuals reunite with their Inner Voice, define their purpose, and create their authentic future.

I believe there is a reason we are all different. Rather than trying to be the same to “fit” within our societal expectations, it is time to see we fit together because of our differences.  Much like a puzzle, our different and unique abilities, personalities, and experiences are necessary to creating the whole picture.  In striving to all be the same, we strive to all be the same puzzle piece and we lose the beauty of the larger, more complex and more expansive picture; we lose the ability to build something bigger than ourselves.

Leveraging the power of Emotional Intelligence and coaching, I strive to create space for people to hone their unique gifts and qualities to become the very best versions of themselves and to expand their potential. Emotions provide us a universal language to connect rather than divide us, and provide a road inward into understanding our beliefs, values, experiences, strengths and weaknesses, in order to harness our power.  My goal is to help people go inward to connect with their intuition and insights, integrate this information with integrity and intention, in order to have the most positive impact.  I refer to this work as the Three I’s of EQ (EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – Inward, Integrate, IMPACT!

Whether you are part of the education system and share my vision for helping children become the individuals they are meant to be rather than unbecome as future adults, want to build a successful company with longevity, authenticity, and purpose in mind, or you, as an individual, want to take the reigns of your career and personal life to create an integrated, purpose-driven life you love, I am here to help support your endeavors!