Desiree Briel Rodi Consulting & Coaching

Bringing Business Strategy and People Strategy Together as One

I believe that a successful business depends directly on people and the first customers are the employees.  With this in mind, my goal is to help companies build their business strategy alongside their people strategy.  In doing so, a cohesive culture is built in which the vision and mission of the company are at the core of the brand, inside and out.  With full alignment in place, the business is built upon the people and the people are fully engaged and a part of the business, and the success of the people(employees) inherently drives the success of the business.

To achieve this unity, I further believe that the mission, vision, and values of the company must be the centerpiece and the driver of the culture, and the business and culture must be built from both bottom up and top down.  With this top down and bottom up approach, only then can the business and culture grow as one, flourish and be sustained through the good and the bad.